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4 signs of Toxic Femininity!

Repost from 2018



With constant talk about the now coined phrase 'Toxic Masculinity' I'd say there is no one without the other.

Here are a list of things I have observed that define what female toxicity looks like.

1. Abusive women. These women validate being able to hit a man or person based on being a woman. They uses the stereotype of being weaker to make excuses for why they are physically violent.

2. Manipulation. These women use being a woman as a reason they are valid in using the listed tactics as a form of manipulation. These women exaggerate stereotypes of what women are supposed to be for men as a from of enticement for control. These women can also be identified as 'Pick-Me's' (A woman who exudes the stereotypical ideal woman) to persuade men into being with them and or staying with them despite the relationship not being fulfilling to their counterpart and or being unhealthy.

Manipulation and Power trips can be used simultaneously in situations where sex (giving or withholding) is used to get what they wan't from people. This is not to say a woman is not allowed to say no or withhold sex in times where she does not want to, or feels unsafe. In this context of withholding sex is ONLY used as a form of manipulation.

3. Power trips. These are women who have been counted out because they are women so when they get in positions of power they treat people like they are inferior. Women who also display power trips tend to date men who will omit to their narrow structured ideal of a relationship and will often times use finances to create an unhealthy power dynamic between them and their partner.

4. Broken Women. These are the women that have been hurt, abused etc. and adopt the behavior of their abuser. These women fall into the saying "hurt people, hurt people" These women can also seek relationships that are familiar in abuse based on their own traumas. While this is no excuse to abuse anyone this character type does exist.

5. Bullying. This behavior is typically towards other women and can be seen in verbal and physical altercations. While this is not a form of toxicity that is mainly directed towards men (although they can be victims) women tend to bully other women in large numbers. To this I say we all work diligent to be allies and not enemies so we can come together and embody what we all deserve, Respect.

6. Sugar Mamas: These women are often time insecure. So much so that they seek partners who they believe are inferior to them out of the desire to have the upper hand (i.e control) They use money and sometimes age to get and "keep" their men.


Toxic behavior in many forms can be seen in forms of abuse. People tend to abuse for different reasons, projected insecurity (lack of accountability), Past trauma. etc.

Other types of abuse are included in the following charts;


To learn more about how to identify an abusive relationship for yourself or a love one check out these links below.


For Help click the link below


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