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Certified Intimacy Educator

At Shae Daily, we strive to provide comprehensive and non-judgmental sex education to empower everyone to make informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being. My team of experts is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages learn and understand the science of sex, relationships, and sexuality


Welcome to Shae Daily: Where Sex Education and Self-Care Come Together.

I am passionate about providing an inclusive and educational platform that is rooted in evidence-based research. My goal is to break the cycle of stigma and misinformation and create a safe space to ask questions and get answers.

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Discovering Your Voice: Exploring Sex, Love, and Intimacy with Shae Daily

Shae Daily is an innovative sex education platform that is changing the way we think about sex. Through interviews, 8 @ the table collaborations, partnering with the CDC, launching a mobile application, exhibiting at Exxotica Fest, and writing an e-book, Shae is revolutionizing sex-ed. Learn more about Shae's projects and how to get involved


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