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Why I say No to Social Media PDA!



I saw a post today and it really triggered something for me. I of course engaged in dialogue, as I had something to say but as I went to share it and my thoughts, I thought of a time I had an ex ask me if I’d ever post my relationship on social media again! The answers was NO!

Here’s why...

1. I have done a number of amazing things in my life that I have absolutely enjoyed and kept private, so between my love and I, I don't mind keeping our special moments private. 

2. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve been there and done that. It's not necessary for me to build a healthy relationship in my eyes. What I've come to see on social media is an alarming rate of competition to be #RelationshipGoals when ultimately the goal in any relationship is for those two particular individuals to be happy, that should be the focus.

3. I’d like to intimately share moments with my love that we don’t have to feel obligated to share. I’ll validate your efforts enough so the world doesn’t have to and I'd hope my future partner would do the same!

4. I personally have experienced the down sides of oversharing. I'd like to believe while it is beautiful to share your love it is even more important to protect it. Social Media isn't short of attacks and while "you shouldn't care" who has time to ward off bad energy when you could be enjoying the good energy you and you partner share.

5. I prefer to be happy in real life. The idea of living in a social media relationship is exhausting unless it's your actual job. The time a couple spends on social media should be limited so they have the time to devote to one another.

Now this is not to say I wouldn't or look down on people that share. For myself, I'd like to keep it to a minimum. Again I've experienced the dark side of social media so these days I tread more lightly with how I guard and protect my relationship.

I know ladies Valentines Day is coming up and how dare I say this when our culture promotes 'The Valentines Day Girlfriend', 'The Day Before Girlfriend', 'The Day After', and 'The Weekender', and you need to prove to the world that you are his only one. Despite social media projections, I'm here to tell you that love is 365 days a year, so IF you are in a happy and successful relationship you don't have to feel obligated to subscribe to new social norms regarding relationships. You have nothing to prove to anyone but your love.


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Blog Author: La' Shae Alexander

Author Instagram: @ShaeisLove


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